I’ll tell you a funny story in time lapse mode and you are free to let me know what would you think.

So, I am cute, just over 2 months young, I have this beautiful tri-coloured short fur with black base and rust markings on the chest and cheeks as well as over the eyes, and white coloured markings on the chest, muzzle and neck. All in all I turn heads already … and what happens :

Stranger 1: “awwww how cute are you little beagle boy!”

Hm, ok, an honest mistake, proceed as nothing has happened. …..

… time flies, I grow, fast, when:

Stranger 2 : “Oh, what are they feeding you honey, you sure are one big beagle!”

Nothing to be done, I will not lose my mind over it, I will keep on growing up and we’ll see who will call me beagle then.

At about 5, maybe 6 months, my limbs were growing separately from each other and from the body all together, my tail was so long, my ears were all big and funny. As that wasn’t enough :

Stranger 3 :” Heeeey, stop please, can I see her from closer please?!”

Ok, what is this??? I mentioned my all-around funny looks but hey, I had my pee-pee where it needed to be. This sounded much like an insult to me.

“Thanks for stopping, I adore them, you know, we’ve had exactly the same one “

My human mom : ”oh really, that’s so nice, they are very rare, who was the breeder?”

“oh, a couple that has been breeding great danes for years now. She’s beautiful, by the way!”

My human mom : ”it’s a HE and he is not a great dane.”

“well, it doesn’t matter if HE’s a mix, he’s beautiful mix!”

“no, not a mix … a greater swiss mountain dog.”

“Ohhh, right, silly me, a berner!”

“hmm, no, greater swiss, berner is smaller and has long fur”

This is funny, people actually don’t know what breed to apply me. I must look even funnier than I thought 😊.

But now I am around 8 months and starting to develop the upper body, still having unproportionally long legs though.

Stranger 4 : “ wow, he’s so cute, was mum rotty and dad lab or vice versa?”

OK WHAT??? I am NOT rottweiler, rotweilers came from swissies. Had it not been for us, they wouldn’t even exist!

This are some heavy mishits. I am starting to wonder why don’t people just ask the question, it would be so much easier than hearing all these breed options.

To avoid the long write I will jump to the one that is an absolute record holder. I am well over a year and a half at this point.

The scene : on a walk, two ladies are closing in. I could hear the Wows and the Ohs, they always feel good for the soul 😊, they pass by, when suddenly :

Stranger 5 : “ you see dear, this is an exquisite example of Irish Setter”

WHAAAAAT?! I am not a skinny chesnut coloured gundog!!! People please!

So somehow I manage to forget this one, too. Time passes, I am well in my adulthood, we take a trip to the seaside where I enjoy just chilling on the beach, late afternoon rays of sun are warming my beautiful shiny coat when :

Stranger 6 :” OMG, I have always wanted one! Can I pet him please?” I was about to make an exception and let her pet me (I really dislike strangers rubbing their hands on my head), she seemed like a nice lady, when only seconds later with quite an angry tone to her voice:

“But excuse me, why would you want to shave a berner so short???? Is that even healthy? Don’t you think you shaved him a little bit too much?!”

… and for the sake of a few minute read I left out quite plenty more.

Thomas Berger said The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge!

In the next chapter I will tell you about my leash learning days …

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