I mentioned before, we are working breed, we were made to pull. We want to pull. Either you give us a proper harness or even a collar around the neck, you can bet a million bucks – we will gladly pull.
So I found myself going on more serious walks quite soon, you know, pavements and all, I was about 3 months young at the time. Before we would hit the streets, I got this strange thing around my chest, called a harness. Woohoo what a great feeling. I instantly knew I will have to pull. Oh yes, my dream job has arrived, pretty soon, but hey, it’s my dream job. So I happily accepted it and couldn’t wait for the command »pull« ….. that never arrived
Instead I kept hearing ‘NO, DON’T PULL!’
What do you mean don’t pull? How am I supposed to help you come from point A to point B??? I need to pull you there. Right?
Obviously not. Because each time I started pulling, we would stop. We would then go back a few steps, and started walking again. Of course, immediately I pulled, it’s in my genes, you know but we would stop and go back again … and again … and again … I soon realised we were going on these walks backwards instead of forwards. Hmmm, where’s the fun in that, I wondered?!
It all pretty much looked to me like a game of who’s the more persistent one, so I made a promise to myself I will win this one if it takes me years 🙂
I am a very persistent guy, I’ll tell you all about it in my next chapter – You ignore me, I spill the waterbowl …

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