25th July 2016. I am miserable when it comes to math and numbers and dates but here’s one I will never forget. Although I somehow feel the day he came home, 1st October 2016, to be even more important.

Markiz writing from here on ….. : “

Nice to meet you. I am a #swissy. There are not so very many of us, which is why I will take a few moments to describe the breed.

In one word : Majestic, we invented the word and it best describes us 😉.

Confident, immensely strong, enthusiastic and happy, to name a few, are the adjectives most experts use describing the breed. But they also say we have bold personalities, are confident and intelligent canines with our own ideas and can be stubborn at times. Well, not me, of course 😊. Our big bodies are no obstacle for steep, narrow, rocky or snow-covered terrain, we are extremely agile for our size.

Working breed, developed as an all-purpose farm dog (pulling heavy carts, moving herds, being a watchdog and family companion) it’s written in the genes – we need a job.

History teaches us that during WWII we had quite important jobs – the Swiss army used us as draft dogs, we would pull carts full of weapons or wounded soldiers up and down and around the Alps.

You will understand now why training is very important. We were made to pull, so the second we feel the leash or harness around our bodies, the genetics tells us to pull. And since we can easily pull a tone or two, walking politely at the end of the leash can be quite challenging. We will gladly accept any challenge, we are super partners for many different activities, such as drafting, backpacking, herding, hiking (my favorite), obedience trials, … but still I think polite leash walking is the biggest one of them all.

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