Being very young, my opinion didn’t seem to quite matter yet and I was not at all down with that. I found out soon I had a voice, it sounded somewhat embarassing, all squeeky and of very high notes but hey, I could bark. And I figured this would be the last resort to state my important opinions whenever I felt ignored.
So when I wanted to get/gain something, never mind what, it could have been just a simple glance, a quick pet or rub of my belly, … I would start putting on a show. You know, just to get some attention.
Usually I was laying on a couch, felt good there but for the fun of it I wanted to go down to stretch my legs and then back up again. Many times in a short period of time. A game very amusing to me. Since I was still too small I wasn’t allowed to jump up and down by myself so I needed help.
I would start by starring at Špela while she was working, piercing through her with the looks. So many times that wasn’t working. She was busy all right but I was needy, so I persisted. I told you, I’m a persistent guy. Nothing happened. Tried some piercing through again. No, still not working. Then I tried to throw myself around on the couch in quite dramatic manner. Still nothing. No reaction whatsoever.
I had to rely on my last resort, the embarassing barking. I started barking like crazy, no, no effect there either. At this point I was pretty mad already but I had to proceed so I threw a serious hissy fit .. and if I was persistant enough it would eventually work. She would come and put me down on the floor. Now it was a payback time for my performance that went unnoticed! I calculated with high precision the exact distance to the waterbowl, ran down the kitchen with all the force I could have and slid towards the waterbowl on the floor hitting it with my body. The water spilled all over the place but I obtained the result I wanted – I got all the attention I needed, she talked to me for a long long time afterwards :).
You know Robert Greene said ‘if you want any kind of attention, any attention is good, even if it is bad’.
It sure was my favourite game to play when I was very little. Until the times of Phases came along, I’ll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

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